As a mixed media artist specializing in resin art design, my work is a reflection of the natural essence that surrounds me. From the coastlines that captivated me after a childhood head injury during a swim at the age of five to the diverse landscapes I encounter, nature serves as a perpetual muse in my artistic journey.

Fine arts has always been more than a subject for me; it's a passion that transcends the boundaries of assignment constraints. Regardless of the task at hand, my inclination has consistently been to create scenes of nature, encapsulating the beauty that inspires me daily.

My goal as an artist is to capture the inherent beauty of nature and transform it into handcrafted pieces of functional art and unique decor. Each resin piece is meticulously crafted using high gloss epoxy resin, reflecting my commitment to quality and precision. I take great pride in my work, finding joy in the process of turning raw materials into remarkable pieces that can be admired and cherished in your home.

The challenges I faced in my early years only strengthened my connection to the coastlines, motivating me to convey the serenity and allure of these environments through my art. The misfortune I encountered became a catalyst for a lifelong exploration of the beauty that exists in the world around us.

My artwork has found appreciation among clients not only across the states but also beyond borders, resonating with those who share a love for nature's intricacies. Each piece I create is infused with a piece of my story, making it not just an object of beauty but a narrative that connects with the observer on a personal level.

In every stroke and pour, I strive to capture the essence of nature, encapsulating its ever-changing forms and colors. Through the transformative power of resin, I aim to bring a piece of the natural world into your living spaces, fostering a deeper connection to the beauty that surrounds us all.

Thank you for being part of my artistic journey, where nature meets craftsmanship, and each creation tells a unique story.